A new start, a new city

15 March 2012
Exactly a year to date has passed since my last post. It was about change – and the need for change – and there has indeed been a LOT of it.

My year’s worth of change: I travelled to Australia, met a lovely young man, was offered a Young Artist programme at an international opera house, sadly couldn’t accept due to visa regulations, moved back to the UK (young man in tow), and last month we moved to Berlin. It has been an amazing and eventful year and I am so excited to be in this fantastic and inspiring city. I am continuing to work on my singing and musicianship, learning German and preparing myself to take small steps to begin a career.

This blog has been kick-started back to life by mezzo-soprano Arlene Rolph who is pioneering the concept of The Singing Entrepreneur. I didn’t want to get rid of my old site, or old posts, but have re-titled the blog and given it a bit more colour. Arlene’s The Singing Entrepreneur is the idea of encouraging singers to use their initiative; ‘promoting existing pathways to a career in the opera industry but which, more importantly, focuses on and celebrates alternative routes’. This appeals to me as it is exactly what I am seeking to do as I am outside the ‘traditional’ path by not being enrolled at a music conservatoire.

I intend to start writing in this blog again regularly, about all things that are relevant to my experience – whether it be being in this city, or general progress along the way. Hopefully perhaps even providing inspiration or just solidarity to anyone in the same boat. Any comments or contributions welcome.

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