Recent aria recordings (Verdi, Mozart, Strauss, Stravinsky) January/February/October 2017

One thought on “Audio

  1. Hello Suzanne,
    Congratulation for the fine singing at the Munich competition. That the Jury did not honour you with a price I cannot understand but in competitions there is always a lot pf politics.

    I am very much impressed first of all of your most beautiful instrument that has a a persoal sound to it one recognizes at once. And you are a real soloist: you are leading the orchestra all the time!
    Although it is most difficult in a “unreal” situation like in Munich you did not stay behind a surface but showed your musicianship. All you were singing made sense to me or meant something to me. It is that you are telling stories. Great and rather rare nowadays.

    I wish you all the best for your further carreer. Especially I do hope that you will find someone to help you to overcome the last difficulties with placing some vowels in the higher register. I hope that I will have the plkeasure to hear you a lot in the future.

    All the best
    Daniel Süsstrunk, Munich
    Teacher of the classical BelCanto Tradition

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